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How to prevent foaming in polyurethane foaming machine

How does polyurethane foaming machine prevent cavitation

1。 Strictly control the ratio and injection amount of the original liquid

Control the ratio of black material, combination polyether and cyclopentane. Under the condition that the total injection volume remains unchanged, a large proportion of black material will lead to cavitation, a large proportion of white material will lead to soft bubbles, a large proportion of cyclopentane will lead to swelling bubbles, and a small proportion will lead to cavitation. The proportion of black and white material is maladjusted, there will be uneven mixing, foam shrinkage phenomenon.

Injection quantity how many should be based on technical requirements of the injection quantity below will appear when the technological requirements of bubble volume molding low density, low intensity, even not filled with a dense cavitation will appear when injection amount above process requirements rising bubble and bubble leakage phenomenon, casing deformations can occur (the door) 2 polyurethane foaming machine temperature control is a key to solve the cavitation at high temperature control violent reactions are less prone to inject large housing bubble fluid properties inhomogeneity, began the injected fluid chemical reactions have occurred, the viscosity increases rapidly, after the injection of bubble liquid has not responseCause after injection of bubble liquid can't push the first injection of bubble liquid at the forefront of enclosure foaming process, a box body local cavitation should be done before black and white material in the foaming temperature, control the foaming temperature in 18 ~ 25 foaming equipment preheating furnace temperature should be controlled in 30 ~ 50, foaming mould temperature should be controlled between 35 and 45 foaming mold temperature too low, bubble liquid is illiquid, curing time is long, incomplete reaction, a cavity;Foaming mould at high temperature, the plastic tank heat deformation, soaking liquid of violent reactions must therefore be strictly control the foaming mold temperature and environmental temperature of the foaming furnace especially during the winter, the morning line is a must for foaming mould preheating furnace foaming furnace and housing more than 30 minutes preheating and the hydrodynamic summer foam after a period of time shall be of foaming system for cooling polyurethane foaming machine low pressure foaming machine control of black and white cyclopentane mixed uneven, polyurethane foam density uneven performance for local big bubble bubble crazePartial softening of foam: white, yellow or black streaks appear on the foam. The injection pressure of the foam deflating foaming machine is 13~16MPa

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